The Red Sweat Shirt

sweat-shirt-sensitiveInstructions for use: These Sweat Shirts are of a high quality and fleece lined. Do not iron the design and wash on a low temperature.

They are available in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

The cartoon on the front of the red sweatshirt was inspired by a horse Caroline worked with at Flag Is Up Farm, the home of Monty Roberts. Fergus shows just how sensitive he can be. She was a mare who was at times frightened of just about everything, but on working with her we all decided she was just very sensitive. This stuck as a description of all the horses I work with and it has served me very well.

The text on the drawing is “I’m not nervous, I’m sensitive!!”


Red Sweat Shirt: Small
Price: £35.00
Red Sweat Shirt: Medium
Price: £35.00
Red Sweat Shirt: Large
Price: £35.00