About Us

Listen to Caroline talking to Mark Carter on BBC Surrey about the formation of the Museum. Copyright © BBC. Interview 28th July 2009.

This educational website is a virtual museum dedicated to the horse in all its inspiration, mythology, application, suffrage and history. The collection it displays is for the major part, privately owned, with the intention that one day the collection can be handed over to a physical Museum of the Horse, UK.

Like all good museums, its intention is to educate both children and adults alike in the role of the horse in our society and around the world. We intend to disseminate information on a wide range of its chosen subjects. There will also be an archive, poetry section and a travel section.

We intend to look at the history of the horse with well-researched projects. Equine health will also be a chosen subject. The museum will provide links to other educational and equestrian websites, collections, information and organizations. This website is designed with young and the young at heart in mind with the addition of a wonderful cartoon horse called, FERGUS. Fergus has great wit and knowledge and will be, over time, divulging aspects of his ingenuity and inspiration to amuse our readers.

The museum will copyright all its research and general information.