In the Shaking of the Dew: An Exhibition

Epsom Downs and the Thoroughbred

Horse on Epsom Downs

Poems and photographs by Caroline Baldock

When: August 21st to September 1st 2018

Where: At Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell, Surrey, KT17 1UF

Horse in silhouette

Caroline Baldock was one of the first women to be granted a professional jockey’s license. In 1974 she worked for Anne Finch and Louie Dingwall and then Reg Akehurst. She continued to ride out until 2016. Then she turned her hand to recording the beautiful creatures she was so in love with, the thoroughbred racehorse.

This exhibition is about life here on the Downs. It is about the community on the Downs; the characters, the workers, in whatever weather, out there living the life so few people can have the pleasure to choose. Because it takes a certain talent to ride racehorses.

One needs to have guts and a steady hand, empathy and a love of the horse, balance and poise, knowledge too and the toughness to stay when the going gets tough, to ride through those winter months, come rain shine and snow, sleet and wind, storm and calm. These are special people and these are the people to whom this exhibition is dedicated.