Iron Weymouth with Port

A similar bit can be found in Moseman’s catalogue, 1892 page 129 #1928.

This riding Pelham is delicately forged. The iron rings are fine and there is a tiny decoration of a circle edged with a dogtooth pattern at the end of the upper curled shaft resembling a serpent’s head or a flower.

The curb chain is original, so many of those get lost, and it is fine and light. This bit could be earlier than the above mentioned catalogue due to the fineness of the iron work. Circa 1860. 13cm across 16cm shank.

Provenance: Donated by Cheryle Seedhouse, 6.2.13 purchased by her on eBay.

Ref: The Mehlbach Saddle Co, Catalogue 1919, Page 40 #68. Hand forged, nickel plated.