The museum shop is a new feature where we can provide items which we hope will prove popular to our viewers. Collaborating with the creator of Fergus, who has an extensive following, we have created some merchandise unique to our site. We hope these inspired cartoons will amuse and entertain you, and you will appreciate the quality of our products. More information about the products can be found by clicking on the images.

The first of these products are the mug range. We may create more mug designs in the future so keep an eye out on our website for your special collection of Fergus, ‘Taking History Seriously’.

Net profits from the sale of these items will go towards the campaign and obtaining more exciting objects for the museum. Please help us to create a physical museum of the horse for the UK.

Terms & Conditions

For eight or more items, there is a 10% discount. The Equestrian cards are shipped ONLY to the UK therefore the price includes postage & packing.

For all other items, postage & packing (shipping) will be added to the subtotal. We will deliver to the UK, Europe including Eire, and the Rest of the World. Be sure to select the appropriate shipping option in the cart.

Please allow 28 days for delivery to Europe including Eire and the Rest of the World.

Please DO NOT put boiling water into the porcelain mugs as they are liable to crack. We advise that you place a spoon into the mug when pouring in water that has just finished boiling and this will prevent damage. They are the equivalent of the porcelain tea cup.