The Beige Sweat Shirt

sweat-shirt-stubbornInstructions for use: These Sweat Shirts are of a high quality and fleece lined. Do not iron the design and wash on a low temperature.


The cartoon on the front of the beige one was inspired by a horse called Ms Jones, who hated being tied to anything. Caroline met her at Flag Is Up Farms the home of Monty Roberts and spent four years with her. Fergus embodies the stubborn versus strong concept. It is important to remember when working with horses that when in panic they will go into flight mode, or fight mode or freeze mode. All these states of high adrenaline are very dangerous for the handler and so it is preferable to introduce horses to objects carefully and calmly.

The text on the drawing is “I’m not stubborn, I’m strong-willed!”


Beige Sweat Shirt: Small
Price: £35.00
Beige Sweat Shirt: Medium
Price: £35.00
Beige Sweat Shirt: Large
Price: £35.00