Side Saddle 1860-1880

Side-saddle with a quilted panel possibly dated around the 1870’s. It has a leaping head and so it is a very early example. The leaping head or third lower pommel was around from about the 1830’s.

This saddle was purchased in the 1960’s from a Mr Allsop. It was then restored by Keith Luxford. It has a quilted and padded knee panel. The design may have been slightly altered by Keith Luxford and the third right hand pommel reduced and a balance strap added.

The girth straps were replaced and Keith must have taken the whole saddle apart to refurbish it. The serge lining is new a part of the refurbishment. It is the same style of earlier saddles but the marker ticket is clearly London, probably Swane, Audley.

Provenance: gifted to the Museum of the Horse in Jan 2012 by Sue Goldsmith.