Tibetian Stirrup irons

These stirrup irons were on the saddle in the Saddle section. They were the reason I purchased the saddle. They are probably of Chinese manufacture. I doubt they were made in Tibet. The iron is hand made, beaten and forged. The foot plate has a rim along its edge of about 1 centimetre. The side and front and back have been etched and embossed with bronze, I believe.

They are embellished with symbols though worn it is hard to see they could be birds. The inlay could be gold? Once again it is hard to know without a details analysis of the metals. The holder at the top shows a great deal of wear from the stirrup leathers. On examination by experts it was felt they must be between 400 and 500 years old. This gives one a picture of the constant handing down of items with longevity. They weigh 150 grams.

Provenance unknown: Purchased from Crows Auction House, Dorking. 2012