A Stable Lad’s Christmas in Chantilly

I’m feeling Christmas can’t be far away
when my day begins at night
and the moons sun shining.
I cycle to work passing sugar coated cars,
inwardly grinning at all the people
who forgot to put newspapers
on their windscreens.
Bicycles don’t need newspaper.

Gradually bed warm legs loose feeling
and sense of direction –
we ride out wrapped in woolen scarves
and present thoughts.
Breathing misty clouds into the cold silent world
between the magic white wonderland of trees.
The dawn shivers
almost imperceptively
as we sway home upon our tinsel bearded horses.

I’m feeling Christmas can’t be forgotten,
as I remember sugar for my horse, carrots
and a little extra hay.
All deep strawed they look tucked up
and fireside cosy.
Ear pulled, warm breath, a last caress,
the door is closed upon another day.

Returning home,
I’m feeling Christmas glows,
like pouring cognac through cold lips
into a warm soul.

Copyright © 1979 Caroline Baldock