Benin Bronze Horse Head

This is a copy of a Benin bronze horses head, but nicely made and has a lovely patina.

The head is incomplete with tantalizing gaps in the casting giving it a rather modern appearance.

There is a lot of detail. The reins meet at the back of the nose and run to the neck where they separate and encircle the base of the neck. The bridle has tassels just beneath each eye.

This would have been cast with the lost wax process and is hollow, but weighs a little over a kilogram. The mane falls on both sides and has a knotted rope like decoration along the neck of the horse. Benine is famous for its bronze work.

We also have another item from Benin, a riding coat which you will find in the Clothing section.

7” (18 cm) ear to base, 5 3/4” (14 cm) along head.

Provenance: purchased from Harvey Derrien by private collector 1990’s approx value £25