Bronze Statue from Mali

This is a very fine piece of Dogon lost wax technique from Mali.

The horseman has a stylized head not unlike that of the Kala tribesman and sports a neat beard. The details on this statue are superb, the rope bridle has a complex twisted pattern and the warrior holds the reins.

The horse is caparisoned with a bib running from the base of his neck this is decorated with a criss-cross design. The horse has a second seat for his wife and two saddle bags.

In his left hand is a spear. One can even make out a pattern of clothing on the left hand side of his body. Even the horse’s tail is decorated with a feather design.

To be a horseman in Mali is to have wealth and power. The patina is a wonderful green and I would think from age. The statue weighs 4 lbs.

11” (28 cm) height, body of horse, 5” (13 cm)

Provenance: purchased from Marisa at Glastonbury Festival by private collector 2002. £36