Horse Blanket from Central Asia

This is probably an Afghan Baluch, identifiable from the colours used in the blanket. Afghani carpets tend to use an orange dye, dark sultry red, black and blue. The Baluch tribes are renown for their use of indigo and reds. The design suggest that the maker was aware of the Pazyryk carpet and shows horses along the border.

The Pazyryk carpet has wheels on the corners which imply that the procession was in fact a funeral and the horses were on wheels having been killed and stuffed. This carpet has been used as a horse blanket and has the left over leather straps. It is old and may have sported tassels. It is quite old and has seen a lot of wear. It is unusual in its use of the horse design and so an important collector’s piece.

3’ x 3’ (90.5 cm x 91.5 cm)

Provenance: purchased from Mr. Gamlili 1990’s for private collector. Approx value £90.