Horse Blanket from Turkmenistan

This horse blanket is flat weave and then lined with felt. It is made by the Yomud tribe of Turkmenistan. It would have been used on race days.

It is made of silk and is also is decorated with silk tassels.

These blankets would have been quiet common at one time, but many people have sold their horses and the covers are no longer required.

I could have bought another one in Jagalan.

These ceremonial blankets were central to tribal practice. Few will be made today as the use of the horse is gradually fading and it is being replaced with motorbikes.

60” (153 cm) across the rump x 38’ (97 cm) along the centre.

Provenance purchased at Tolkuchka Bazaar, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. 2001 $120 for private collector. Approx value £600.