Jockey: David McGuigan

david-mcguiganDavid McGuigan scored three wins in 1935 on the Northern-trained horse, Dunrel, owned by Mr E. H. Bell. This capable jockey was born at Ayr, in 1905, and served his apprenticeship with his father. J. McGuigan. He is best known through the association with Pickle, probably the most popular handicap horse in the North.

McGuigan won thirteen races on Pickle including the 1932 John Osbourne Handicap (Newcastle) the Caledonian Hunt Cup, Stockton Handicap and Edinburgh Summer Handicap in 1933 and 1934, the Ripon City handicap. He put up a hat-trick on Pickle when winning the Beverley Handicap in the season 1932-3-4.

David McGuigan in the colours of Mr E. H. Bell