Jockey: Harry Wragg

harry-wraggHarry Wragg won the 1928 Derby for his patron, Sir H. Cunliffe-Owen on Felstead, and in 1930 on H.H. Aga Khan’s Blenheim.

The eldest and most famous of the three jockey brothers, Wragg was born at Sheffield, hence his nickname ‘Sheff’ Apprenticed to Jack Jarvis, Newmarket he quickly came to the fore. There is no cleverer jockey riding than Wragg, his timing of his finishing run having won many races on the post.

He was successful on Sandwich, in the 1931 St Leger and has the Eclipse Stales of 1925 (Polyphontes), 1932 (Miracle), and 1934 (King Salmon) to his credit.

Harry Wragg in the colours of Sir H. Cunliffe-Owen.