Marlborough House Stables 19th century

This is an engraving of the interior of Marlborough House stables taken from, ‘The London Illustrated News’ 1890’s. It shows the well-built Victorian stabling with the corner stable for the stallion or the mare and foal. The metal work would have been wrought of the highest quality and the stables would have been properly drained.

Horses stood in stalls as they would have been carriage horses and taken out on a regular basis. Monday morning sickness, is the swelling of the legs due to the horses standing in, we call it humour today. Horses were more restricted in their movement in stalls and if they did not go out on the Sunday then their legs often filled. This swelling from a lack of exercise is induced by over feeding and poor circulation. It was a common condition in those days. Horses kept in large airy loose boxes seldom suffer from this condition.

Provenance: London Illustrated News. Late 19th century.