Neck Cover or Ghuchi from India

This neck cover or Ghughi is from the North-West of India from the Saurashtra peninsular in Gujarat. There are three main styles of embroidery; the Kathipa domestic embroidery worked with flossed silk in an elongated chain stitch, geometric designs. The figurative work of the Kanbi and associated Farming Castes and the Ganesh Hangings.

This equine neck cover is made by the Ahir Borbecha who are herders, a farming caste. It would have been made for celebrations such as weddings. The embroidery is in orange green and white on the red base and is vibrant. It has a straight head piece and includes mica circles to catch the light. Charmingly decorated with symbolic birds and flowers it is a very good example of this work.

Circa 1960, from poll to neck 3’4” (103.5 cm). Long edge 6’ 2” (188 cm).

Provenance John Gillow, purchased for Private collection 1990’s approx £160.