Prize Stallion, Hotspur, 1861

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Prize Stallion


Will Serve Mares this Season at Allington, near Devises.

Thorough-breds £5.5s. Half Breds, £2.5s Groom’s Fee included.

This celebrated Horse is by Sir Hercules, his dam by Rajah. He contested the Derby with the Flying Dutchman in 1819, beating the best horses of the year; at the meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society, at Salisbury, he received a prize of £20, and was allowed by the most competent judges to be a model of symmetry and action, he stands about 16 hands high, colour brown, with a good bone and sound legs. He has proved himself to be a sure foal-getter. His stock first-rate.

Randles, Printer, Devises.