Recent Purchases

Mali Horse Puppet HeadThe collection has recently purchased a large collection of bits. We also have some old dumb jockey’s used for the training and breaking of horses in the nineteenth century.

This large collection will take some time to be photographed but when complete will enable people to have a better understanding of the development of bits and the wide range of bits used in the previous century for driving, breaking and administering of medications.

We have also purchase a Mali horse puppet. It has an articulated lover jaw, a tongue and ears that wobble. It would have been at the head of a frame under which two men worked to create the character. It is in good condition and brightly decorated.

Sind Horse Head DressA further lovely piece of Sind horse regalia from Pakistan will also be added. It has the most delicate work and although not more than fifty years old is a wonderful example of the headwear for a horse during celebrations such as weddings.

Also there are two World War 1 saddles on show at Bourne Hall in Ewell, Surrey. One is a standard UP cavalry saddle and the second saddle belonged to Major General E.H. Goulburn and was given to Jack O’Donnohue, who trained racehorses near Reigate. The saddle was given to Heather Pitt by Jack O’Donnohue and when South Hatch closed down purchased by in 2014.