Saddle Bags from Baluchistan

These Baluch saddle bags are a example of the wonderful use of red and blue famed by the Baluch tribes people. The coloring is so subtle that you have to look very carefully in good light to see how they have woven these colours in such harmony.

The wool is very soft and silky to the touch. These have a combination of carpet knotting and needle working skills and kilim style weaving.

These saddle bags are superb pieces of tribal work. The warp thread which forms the fringe at the end of the rug is often embroidered with needlework and woven. Sometimes these woven pieces are more intricate than the rungs themselves and worth collecting for that reason.

Curiously, the Pazyryk carpet is also red and blue, utilizing wonderful shades of indygo and madder. One becomes curious about their makers?

5’1” (155 cm) x 2’ (61 cm)

Provenance purchased from Mr. Gamlili, London 1994 purchased for private collection.