Saddle Cover from Iran

This Iranian Saddle cover is very typical of the Iranian Turkmen with its designs containing green as well as the predominant reds like the previous exhibit.

It is surrounded with tassels. The green is found more in Iranian Turkmen work than in Teke or Yomud carpets although there are elements of green in Teke carpets they do not dominate.

The central lozenge pattern in any carpet probably contains the elements of its creator. Rather like our family tree this pattern is integral to the history of the carpet. You can see when tribes bring with them elements of their ancestors. This is one is modern and is knotted onto cotton.

17”(43 cm) x 19” (48 cm)

Provenance: gift from Dr Girard Jagalan, Iran 2001 to Museum of the Horse. Approx value £50.