Silver Larme Neck Collar

This is a modern piece, from Niger, Africa. The silver-lamé thread is woven onto velvet which is then set onto leather and lined. The design is interestingly classic and has echoes in the classical gowns worn in the court of the Tsar at the turn of the century.

The collar decoration is common in central Asia, horses in Turkmenistan are decorated in this way when they have won a race or proved their prowess. This was made for a tribal leader in Niger and was sold and found its way to Mali.

The head piece has interesting leather decorations each with a slit in. I cannot be sure these are not for a bit but that looks unlikely. They are reminiscent of the cheek piece decoration on the horse’s bridle found in the Pastry barrow in the Altai mountains.

Neck collar 30 (76 cm) Breast Plate 44” (112 cm) Bridle 16” (40.5 cm) Shoes 11” (28 cm).

Provenance: purchased from Harvey Derrien for Private collection 2003 approx value £300.