Torba or Nose Bag from Iran

This is from Iran made by the Iranian Turkmen. It is a nose bag for feeding horses.

Horses were used to travel distances and it would be quite impossible to carry buckets. Feed is placed into the nose bag which is then attached to the bridle or the horse’s head.

Feeds might be barley, the most common. This simple bag is easily carried and would be used to hold other items as well as a nose back at feed time. The colours and designs of Turkmen bags are not dissimilar using traditional shapes with a central lozenge. The Iranian Turkmen use more green in their designs than the Turkmen of Turkmenistan. Old.

16” (41 cm) x 12” (30 cm)

Provenance: purchased in Jagalan, Iran 2001 $5.00 for Museum of the Horse. Approx value £40.